“Late Autumn” Tang Wei: “Hyun Bin seseorang yang sempurna”

by: jbarky
"Late Autumn" Tang Wei: "Hyun Bin is Flawless"


Tang Wei was part of a press conference in Beijing on March 22 that commemorated the Chinese release of her and Hyun Bin’s film “Late Autumn.” “Late Autumn” will release in Chinese theaters on March 23.

Tang Wei appeared at the press conference in a white dress that showed off her sexy charms. Tang Wei talked about Hyun Bin and said, “That person has no flaws. That is the scary thing.”

Tang Wei added, “Hyun Bin is a perfect gentleman and is always energetic. He is actually embarrassed a lot of times and also listens to the director very well.” She also talked about how when the director told Hyun Bin to get fat, he followed that order completely to the surprise of the movie staff.

Tang Wei also sent Hyun Bin a message, “I anticipate that you will become a new person after your military discharge. I hope you are happy and healthy.”

“Late Autumn” was about the very short romance between Anna (Tang Wei) who gets out of prison after 7 years and Hoon (Hyun Bin) who is a runaway. 

Here is a trailer of “Late Autumn”:

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